Air Jordan 3's "Georgia Peach" Out Today

Air Jordan 3's "Georgia Peach" Out Today

The Air Jordan 3 "Georgia Peach," released today, introduces a refreshing new twist to the iconic sneaker line. Inspired by the vibrant hues of Georgia's famous peaches, these sneakers feature a soft, peach-colored leather upper complemented by subtle green accents that echo the leaves of a peach tree. The classic elephant print detailing remains, but it's been reimagined with a lighter, more delicate touch to align with the overall aesthetic. The midsole balances the look in a clean white, while the outsole sports a translucent, peach-tinted finish. This limited edition model not only pays homage to the rich agricultural heritage of Georgia but also adds a unique, stylish piece to the Air Jordan collection, perfect for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

The Air Jordan 3 "Georgia Peach" can be purchased from several online retailers. It is available on Nike's official website, including the SNKRS app, and also on GOAT, where a variety of sizes are listed along with pricing details. You can check Nike's official site or GOAT to make your purchase​ (​​ (GOAT)​.

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