Art by Marisset

Art by Marisset

Tropical Madonna, (2010) Oil on Canvas, 30x40 El Secreto del Camafeo. (2013) Oil on Canvas, 25x35.5, Private CollectionSorrow of Lucretia, Mother of the Republic, (2012) Oil on Canvas, 30x40








In the wake of Art Basel 2017, South Florida is being flooded by artists and enthusiasts from around the world. Miami being one of the hot spots causes traffic for everyone including locals and those commuting to and from work. With my love for art, I avoid the large crowds and simply visit the exhibitions on their down time. Above is the work of the great contemporary artist, Marisset. Born in Havanna, Cuba and emigrating to the U.S. with her family at the age of 3, she has become one of today's most striking creators in the art community. With work being exposed in galleries all over South Florida, her work is great to get a hold of.

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 Marisset's original artwork cannot be reproduced in any way and are covered by copyrighted laws.



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