Art Meets Fashion: Exploring NOLOVEINTHEPAINT's Unique Aesthetic

Art Meets Fashion: Exploring NOLOVEINTHEPAINT's Unique Aesthetic

Art to has the power to transcend boundaries, ignite emotions and fuel creativity. When fashion becomes a canvas for artistic expression, something magical happens. Earlier this week, I was a guest speaker at South Florida Fashion Academy where I had the privelige of sharing my journey and vision behind NOLOVEINTHEPAINT. As I stood before a room filled with young aspiring artists, designers and creators, I couldn't believe that I was reaching newer heights of myself and remembered I have to always set an example. 

I elaborated on how important it is to be comfortable and confident when designing. Trends come and go but it is essential to make a mark with what your heart desires; especially when we are in an age of many followers and few leaders. 

I am deeply appreciative of the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by the entire school staff at SFFA. I would also like to extend my thanks to Brtiitany Philius and Stephanie Brossard for making this happen and assisting with photograpy. 

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