I discovered this artist at the end of December of 2018 and feel disappointed I wasn't connected to this before. Ever since Daylyt was battle rapping, he always had an intricate use of words. What grasped me to not only listen to his music, but interviews and vlogs was the content he was putting out to the world. He speaks his mind and can be quite controversial which I like. I guess you can also call him "troll". Although I read a lot and do my own research on things going on in the world, Daylyt seasoned my train of thought to dissect certain issues from another perspective. He has definitely became one of my top favorite artists and I am looking forward to all his upcoming projects; hopefully one with J. Cole soon *wink wink*.

This video I posted was from a  project he collaborated with rapper/producer, Willie B  titled, "Last Breath" from the Let There B Lyt album (2017). Hope you enjoy and dissect this track because it is pretty heavy with word play, metaphors and great content.


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